Kirsty Williams filming for educational DVD

Kirsty Williams inspecting the brood chamber of a hive

Kirsty Williams’  passion for beekeeping began in Berkshire in 1987. In 2009, a holiday to Wester Ross in Scotland led to a friendship with a wise old beekeeper who kept a dark, reasonably pure strain of British bee – Apis Melifera Melifera – also known as the European dark bee.

This led to a drive to improve the strain of bee she kept at her main bee breeding base in the Ceiriog Valley in North Wales.

All her breeding stock, both for drone production and queen cells, are selected from colonies showing the best AMM characteristics necessary for survival and thriving in the British climate, and for optimum honey production.

To date, four colonies have been brought down from Wester Ross and introduced into the breeding stock.

Kirsty now operates 50 hives and mentors a further 10 in the Ceiriog Valley, giving her plenty to select from for breeding purposes. She supplies local shops with top quality honey. She established The British Bee Company in 2014.

She is a member of The Welsh Bee Keepers Association (South Clwyd), The British Bee Keepers AssociationThe Scottish Bee Keepers AssociationBIBBA and IBRA.



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